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MY outlook on Digital Humanities
Posted on October 12th, 2011 at 4:15 am by Jessica Danielle Powell and

 The Wordle and the NGRAM are useful Digital Humanities tools, but are NOT helpful in understanding literature. The Wordle and NGRAM are just new ways to do old things (sitting down at a table with a lamp and magnifying glass in front of Homers “The Odyssey”). I strongly believe that the Digital Humanities is something that could be used in the beginning of the process of understanding literature to expose readers to various idea’s. The Digital Humanities is useful in brain storming, and is like putting food on a plate before you begin to eat it. The Digital Humanities DOES NOT substitute for traditional discussion, analyzing, and interpreting. Digital Humanities is only preparation for the full course.


Personally I like to go for the full course but maybe I should prepare first…

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Link Here | October 16, 2011,

If digital humanities is like “putting food on a plate before you begin to eat it,” then are traditional tools of analysis consumption of said food?

  Henna |

Link Here | October 17, 2011,

Yes, they are. =]
Digital Humanities is preparation traditional tools are the knife and fork and the knowledge and understanding and action of using them

  Jessica Danielle Powell |

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