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Revising My Site
Posted on December 7th, 2011 at 7:48 pm by Jessica Danielle Powell and

One thing that I really want to do is organize my work in a way in which anyone from anywhere can navigate through this webpage. Make things clear and easily recognizable. I’ve added the pages for my final project and I see that I’m going to have to change my layout on my blog in order for everyone to see them all at once.

Identify which assignment’s will correlate to each page for my final project. Which assignment’s will help me to most effectively get my point accross to my audience about the author, or the storys themes and motifs etc.

I’ve sued the syllabus to outline exactly what kinds of revision’s are necessary for me to do and what they will accomplish

  • Find and evaluate appropriate secondary sources (including visual, graphic, or numerical information), to select quotation for use as evidence, to integrate quotation, and to properly cite quotation using MLA style.
  • So as I’m doing my final project I’ll integrate quotation’s and proper MLA style when using secondary sources etc.
  • Develop and use strategies for improving writing and critical thinking through recursive practice, self-reflection, and the process of revision
  • Stateigivally reflect and revise my pages which will help me to develop a method in which I’ll be able to fill in the pages for my Final Project.

Internet Based

Understand the conventions of online presentations; prepare and deliver them; lead discussions based on such presentations.

I will prepare and deliver my web page the simplest and easiest to understand way for those who will view it [organization, spacing, thematic qualities]

🙂 and I think that’s about all. lol

I really love this whole working on thei nternet thing for English class.



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Comments so far:

Link Here | December 7, 2011,

your blog is really nice. It’s complete and detailed and well orgainzed. I think you’re on the right track on what you need to revise for your final project. Your blog is a guide for me to know what I need to improve on. Keep up the good work.

  femi |

Link Here | December 7, 2011,

Thanks Femi! I can’t wait to see your final project

  Jessica Danielle Powell |

Link Here | December 8, 2011,

Your posts are friendly, personalized — I like that. Little subtleties like “I really love this whole working on the internet things for class” makes me feel like your addressing me and not just anyone reading this. Mostly because I’m in your English class and know what you’re talking about! Lastly, great blog titles, especially “A Long Pursuit to a Short Story.” Nice!

  Henna |

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